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Where to get help

Everyone is entitled to help and everyone’s road to recovery is unique. A young woman who is being sexually exploited right now does not have the same needs as an elderly man who was sexually abused in his childhood. There is a multitude of resources and recourses that provide assistance in a wide range of possible situations.

Designated centres providing medico-social services

Across Québec, designated centres offer comprehensive assistance to persons who have recently been sexually assaulted. We recommend that victims go to a centre as soon as possible to obtain support. These are safe places where a specially trained team can respond to their psycho-social, medical and legal/judicial needs.

Psychological support and healthcare

Victims may be affected on many levels: mental health, physical and physiological health, intimacy and sexuality or social relations. You are entitled to receive care and psycho-social assistance from one of the many resources in the public, community and private networks.

Possible recourse

Depending on your situation and your choices, you may have access to the judicial system or other forms of recourse. In addition to the civil and criminal justice systems, there are other types of recourse that are specific to different areas, such as post-secondary education, housing, professional orders, the workplace and sports.

Support in the judicial system

Organizations that are specialized in the support of victims of criminal acts and sexual violence can provide you with information and accompany you through the various steps involved in civil or criminal judicial proceedings, if you choose to press charges. 


Certain forms of sexual violence can have serious physical or psychological consequences on the victim. Programs like those offered by IVAC, for example, which offers compensation for crime victims, can provide you with support in the form of financial compensation if you are unable to work or reimbursement of a portion of your medical or therapy expenses. 

Assistance with shelter and housing

Everyone has the right to have a safe place to live. There are various shelter organizations that can offer you a place to stay in an emergency, providing a temporary solution that will allow you to escape an immediate risk. It is possible to request a lease cancellation if you experienced sexual violence in your home and fear for your safety. 

Access resources

To find resources and recourses that will meet your present needs, call our Sexual Violence Helpline from anywhere in Québec at 1-888-933-9007 or visit sexualviolencehelpline.ca to chat.