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Medico-social intervention


The MSAC works in partnership with the Montreal General Hospital and GMF Clinique Medic Elle to form a designated centre providing medico-social services for sexual assault victims. 

Regardless of your gender identity and the form of sexual assault you experienced, the counsellors of the MSAC will welcome and believe you. Our medico-social services are offered to anyone who: 

  • is 18 years of age or over 
  • was sexually assaulted in the past 12 months. 

This bilingual service is confidential, free of charge and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

You DO NOT need a health insurance card or a referral to obtain this service, and you DO NOT need to have previously reported the assault to the police. Our team can also work with an interpreter if you do not speak French or English. If you think that you have been sexually assaulted—even if you don’t remember anything about the event—you are also entitled to our services.

A complete initial intervention without judgement

A MSAC counsellors will welcome you and guide you through the different steps involved in the medico-social intervention. They will also coordinate the various health professionals (such as doctors and nurses) whose services may be required to ensure you receive all the appropriate care you need. 

Our counsellors will take all the time necessary to respond to all your needs. Depending on your choices and your particular situation, they may complete either a medico-social kit or a forensic kit.

What is a forensic kit?

The forensic kit is used to gather the forensic samples required for DNA and/or drug and alcohol testing. 

The forms included with the kit are completed by the counsellor and doctor based on information provided by you and the results of the medical examination.

Although these forms and samples can be used during a criminal process, the kit can also be completed without any obligation on the part of the victim to report the assault to the police.

What is a medico-social kit without forensic samples?

The medico-social kit includes the same forms as the forensic kit, without forensic samples. It can be used if the victim refuses to have forensic samples taken or if there is no need for them—either because too much time has passed since the assault or because the nature of the acts committed does not warrant them. 

The form also standardizes the documentation of sexual assaults in order to better support a police report or simply to keep a clear record in the victim’s medical file.

Psycho-social needs

The MSAC provides a safe space where you can talk freely in private about what happened to you, if you wish. 

If you choose, you may also share your concerns and needs with us—regarding your safety, your health or issues related to your personal relationships, work or school. A sexual assault can have an impact on many different aspects of your life: physical, psychological, emotional and financial. We are fully aware of these possible consequences and can adapt our services to your specific situation. 

Our team can also provide, if needed, information and support for the person accompanying you.

You are entitled to a medical examination, during which a doctor will treat any injuries, pain or physical discomfort, taking into account your needs, concerns and situation. We can also answer any questions you might have about STBBIs (sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections) and propose testing or prevention options. If needed, the doctor can prescribe an oral emergency contraceptive to prevent a possible pregnancy. Our team will also be attuned to the state of your mental health and risk of suicide in order to ensure you receive comprehensive care for your well-being.

Some types of forensic samples can be taken up to five days after an assault to be used for evidence. Since the reliability of samples decreases over time, however, it is best to go to a designated centre as soon as possible. 

If you intend to report the assault to the police, this form of evidence, taken from your body or clothing, can help to strengthen your case. If you choose to take this route, our team can accompany you through the process of submitting a report to the police.

Our counsellors will provide you with various useful documents or information. For example, you will be given any documents needed to justify your absence from work or school or to submit a request for compensation to IVAC (crime victims’ compensation). We can also refer you to organizations or services that can help you in other ways, such as finding shelter or accompanying you through the different stages of the judicial process.

Follow-up to promote recovery

The initial intervention will be followed by other meetings. 

During your medical follow-up appointments, the doctor will discuss your results, recommend further tests, treatments or screenings if required, and talk with you about any of your concerns related to the sexual assault. 

During your psycho-social follow-up appointments, you will be able to talk about how you feel, complete your application request to IVAC for crime victims’ compensation, submit a police report if you wish, identify resources that could be helpful for you, and establish a plan for the next steps.

Recovering from the consequences of a sexual assault can be a lengthy process. Your medical and psycho-social follow-up appointments will provide an opportunity to talk about other resources that could help you during your recovery.

Contact us

To obtain medico-social services, go directly to the offices of one of our partners (check the schedule for business hours). A MSAC counsellor will be present. 

Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm, except holidays

GMF Clinique Medic Elle
1980 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 500

We strongly recommend that you call the team before going to the clinic.

Monday to Friday, from 5pm to 8am, weekends and holidays

Montreal General Hospital, part of the McGill University Health Centre
Emergency Department located on des Pins avenue

To reach our team during regular business hours, please send an email to urgences@cvasm.ca or call 514-731-8531, ext. 47455.

To obtain information on designated centres offering medico-social services in Montréal to minors or adults, in French or English, contact the Sexual Violence Helpline at any time.

A sensitive approach

To promote your recovery, our clinical meetings take place in a calm, non-judgemental atmosphere that allows us to take the time to accurately assess your needs. You will be welcomed for who you are and receive support in accordance with your choices and at your own pace.

Victimization is a frightening and unsettling experience that can lead to a feeling of loss of control. We are dedicated to helping people regain their independence and control over their lives.