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Helping others get help

Raising awareness about available resources

There is a growing number of references to sexual violence in movies, television series, news programs and theatre productions. The MSAC applauds any efforts to break down the taboos that surround this issue. Such initiatives should benefit everyone, regardless of their level of awareness. We encourage cultural and media productions to contact our province-wide Sexual Violence Helpline for more information on this subject. 

The simplest actions can make a huge difference—something as basic as providing a telephone number at the end of a newspaper article, handing out promotional bookmarks at the end of a presentation, or displaying our logo along with the credits following an episode in a series. To obtain material or for any other information, please contact our Communications Department at 514-798-6744 or l.sabatier@cvasm.ca.

Order promotional material

Are you interested in presenting our services for victims of sexual violence to your clients or colleagues? The MSAC can send you information pamphlets explaining the different services available. Promotional material for the Sexual Violence Helpline is also available on request, including bookmarks, a concise guide to intervention in sexual exploitation, posters for young people, and more. 

Contact us to learn more about our free promotional material.